U15’s 1 Beat Sheffield

Saturday the 1st of September saw the 15a Tigers open the season against old rivals Sheffield. Even if the scores are not predicted to be as tight as in previous years, you never really know how things are going to turn out. Some of our players have spent the holidays at camps, going to Czech, etc and others took the opportunity to rest, I guess you have to do what is right for you.

You could say things were different before the whistle was blown, who would have thought Ron Shudra would be on the Notts bench supporting our own Coach, Craig Smith!

I hope Harvey Smith will forgive me when I say it looked like our 1st goal was a little lucky, judging by the smile on his dads face, when it went in, either way, I should be ok. Talking of smiles, Myles Keogh got the second and he too looked rather pleased. I missed the reaction of the parent to our 3rd goal but assume it brought them mixed feelings, whatever the case Tate Shudra looked really happy.

We should have saved the puck for Rui who got our 4th, Jack Hoppo got the 5th with a deek and our striking defender Archie Hazeldine got the 6th. Sheffield got one back but I suppose we should not be too unhappy with a 6-1 win.

MOM was NM Matty Bloor

Really pleased the season has started and can’t wait until our next game on the 15th away in Bradford.