U15’s 1 vs. Bradford

On Saturday the 15th of September we travelled North to Bradford and as you know they play hard. The game did not start well, as we went down 1- 0. I recall thinking, god our Coach Craig Smith was right to be nervous.
I was standing next to our team photographer, Kevin (NM Vins, dad) Blooming heck he takes more pictures than that French company which goes to Sheffield. I wonder if he caught the hits? Poor Joel Hopcroft learnt a hard lesson about keeping your head up, Ellis Ricci was reminded of how refs may interpret the new rules and I know that Tate Shudra and Louis Jackson picked up knocks.
Sometimes we rightly get reminded how tough it can be on the ice,  but as always with Ice Hockey there is the another side. Does Chamonix Jackson really wear two sets of false eye lashes whilst playing? ‘Chamonix’ is a fast and furious and definitely the most glamorous player in the league.
The other twin, Louis Jackson was my personal MOM for the first two periods. D are sometimes the unsung heroes, it can be fine for the forwards to lose the puck, but it is not so good when the D do it. (Some players may wish to take advantage of our additional passing and shooting sessions!)
Our second goal from Josh Kelly was impressive, it was not the last time he impressed coaches that day! Although, the refs were not so with him, when they gave him a 10 minute penalty. 
 Ellis Ricci our Captain, is teaming up well with his line partner Jack Hopkins, they both caused a lot of damage to Bradford and Ellis was rewarded with MOM.
The game ended with us beating Bradford, a surprising 1- 10 although thinking about it, the whole team did really well.
Next game is in a few weeks V Hull away. (Hopefully a parent will type the match report)