Why is it that when you beat an old rival you wish the game had been tighter, even though every minute can be excruciating?
23rd of September, The Tigers beat Sheffield U15 2-7 at their place. We scored a couple really quickly and our head coach Shane Smith was very relaxed, pretty much rotated all 4 lines. I assume he was just a little disappointed when they scored in the last few minutes and he only managed to match the 5 goal advantage Craig achieved last time we played them! 
Why is it that Coach Craig Smith decided to head a stray puck when he was one of the few not wearing a helmet? I guess the lump now goes with his black eye!
Why is it that when you suggest to your boy, you may mention a certain thing, they say, ‘Don’t say that, it would not be in an NHL match report’!  And how often have you heard ‘What do you know about ice hockey?’ You do not have to be a coach to see basics even if you still use football terminology! Which reminds me:
Why is it that even though we all have an opinion on games, yet parents don’t accept the offer to do the match report?*:) happy
Why didnt the new rules come in sooner? Personally I believe they helped the game flow, although to me the 3rd period seemed a little slow. Talking of slow;
Why is it that some players stay up gaming until the early hours, even though we had a game? Yes, you know who you are, I was stood next to your dad who grassed on you and explained why you were not as good as you can be!
I have a lot more Why’s but I am not convinced I will ever get the answers.
Maybe end by saying, as always I enjoyed the game, I believe that our relationship with Sheffield is really good and will get even better and things in our own club are on the up and up.
Got it wrong last time, but our next game is away V Hull 6th October.