3 in 1

Yes, occasionally ice hockey can’t take precedent, there is work and chores, so match reports sometimes go to the bottom of the pile!
The Tigers played Kingston on the 6th of October, it was good to see them back in the same league but we made hard work of the 2-5 victory at their place. I can’t help wondering if our coach Shane Smith felt a little weird on a bench used by the Pirates but, wanting Notts to win? MOM was Archie Hazeldine
13th of October we were at home, playing what must be on average the youngest side in our league, The Billingham Stars. The score went our way 6-1, but if there was some magic to make most of their team a year older the story could be very different! Their Captain Tommy Spraggon scored the goal, he is a player to watch out for in the future and a really nice kid.
Kimpo Snr received a 3 match ban for the shocking music he played and I think it was an ice hockey first that everyone in the stadium agreed it was really deserved!
Sunday the 21st of Oct most The Tigers Tigers travelled 150 odd miles South, as we were invited to play a friendly by Romford Raiders. It was a good game which I put down to the exceptional team briefing and Manager input on the bench. (Our usual coaches were not available, so Romford assisted and I helped out) I enjoyed speaking more with the players but coaching is harder than many think and I am more than happy returning to my usual role. Vinny was the sole NM so I am sure he enjoyed the day as did Lucas Price whose day was made a little bit more special when he got MOM. The score was 3-11 but many players said it felt much closer.
Next game is this Saturday V Bradford. (We will see!)