U15’s 2 vs. Deeside

Saturday 10th of November saw the Ice Cats travel to Deeside for their third away trip of the season.

With both teams having won all of their previous games, the Nottingham side were looking forward to this fixture and not sure what to expect from their opposition.

A goal from Lewis How at two minutes in opened the scoring, assisted by Billy Crofts –  1-0 to Nottingham

After a further five minutes of play Deeside’s Michael Price levelled the score making it 1-1.  Nottingham’s answer came thirty seconds later from Marco Ludlam assisted by Mitch Jewitt. 2-1 to Nottingham.

Three Nottingham goals were scored in the final minute of the third period by Henry Pont, James Lovett and Joe Howie with Marco Ludlam, Billy Crofts, Henry Pont and Mitch Jewitt picking up points for assists.

5-1 to Nottingham at the end of the first period. 

The second period started with a goal from Benji Maycock fed by Jasper Smith – 6-1

A roughing penalty was picked up by one of the Nottingham players when he reacted to something done to him by a player considerably taller than him. Whilst shorthanded Mitch Jewitt saw an opportunity for a breakaway and found the net – 7-1 to Nottingham. 

Deeside picked up a couple of penalties in quick succession around the twenty minute mark. The resulting five on three saw a goal from Josiah Taylor assisted by Lewis How. 8-1 to Nottingham

Nottingham’s ninth goal was also scored by Josiah Taylor from Lewis How. This was closely followed by a reply from Deeside’s Matthew Knott. 9-2 to Nottingham.

A third from Deeside came just over a minute later, scored by George Plevin making it 9-3.

Nottingham scored again soon after through Henry Pont from Mitch Jewitt. – 10-3

Before the end of the second, Deeside’s Michael Price and Joel Gleave both scored making it 10-5.

The third period started and Deeside went short-handed within a minute. A Powerplay goal was scored by Mitch Jewitt unassisted. 11-5.

Lewis How scored again for Nottingham unassisted making it 12-5

The next goal came from Sarah Kimber for Nottingham, assists going to Joe Howie and James Lovett – 13-5.

Three more Nottingham goals followed. Mitch Jewitt got his fourth goal, Will Ellington scored the second and then Josiah Taylor achieved his hat trick. Assists went to Henry Pont,  Mitch Jewitt and Lewis How. 16-5

Deeside got back on the scoreboard again with a goal from George Plevin. 16-6

A Powerplay saw another goal from Henry Pont from Nottingham. 17-6

The scoring was completed by Jasper Smith from Nottingham, assisted by Joe Howie.

The game finished Deeside 6, Nottingham 18