Become a coach!

Our rapidly expanding membership is bringing a need to get more people involved in the coaching of ice hockey at our Club.

Interested in becoming a qualified Ice Hockey Coach?

The first step is an informal chat with our Head Coach, Paul Glossop and Development Officer, Ryan Rathbone to find out about your interest in ice hockey and relevant skills.

Relevant Experience:

Playing experience….right? Not necessarily!

If you have played ice hockey that will inevitably help the teaching of on-ice techniques.

Like most sports though, the modern game now demands many other skills – understanding of human development stages; ability to motivate and promote team work; keeping up to date on latest developments; an eye for tactical awareness; managing discipline; being passionate, fair and organised.

A prolific goal scorer named Brian Clough turned himself into one of the World’s greatest footballing coaches after injury in 1962, yet Brazil’s 1994 World Cup winners were coached by Carlos Alberto Parreira, a fitness coach, who had never kicked a football!

One of our aims at Nottingham IHC is to build players that are the best they can be. To do this we know that teams of coaches with all sorts of different characteristics will be needed.

The Process

The English Ice Hockey Association has formal coaching courses that are run around the country. As well as class room study, a level of skating ability is required and this will be discussed with you at your informal chat.

Becoming a coach requires commitment from both sides.

For 2019, the Club will meet the costs of both the EIHA coaching course and pre-approved costs of travel (if the course is outside of Nottingham).

As a token of your pledge to become involved with coaching at the Club, we ask for a deposit of £30, payable before the EIHA course is undertaken.

 This amount will be refunded in full providing that you go on to make 12 coaching appearances on game benches for Nottingham teams.

What happens next?

For more information, or to arrange an informal chat, contact Ryan Rathbone via

Trainee Coach – JD