Following new rules issued by ‘EIHA Safeguarding’ on Thursday, NIHC will cease to film and/or live-stream games in the future.


The Club clarified the rulings yesterday, with the EIHA confirming that they require consent to be obtained from every junior player taking part in a game and their parents/guardians. This applies at both junior and senior league level.


In the case of live-streaming, consent will also be needed from the appointed match day officials.


Club volunteers, who run our games, only get to find out opposition team lists and referees’ details less than one hour before the scheduled face-off time.

Rosters can change up to 30 minutes before face-off and parents of juniors are often not present at the game itself (particularly so from ages 16 and above).


New EIHA penalties for omission of a player/parent consent include loss of game, league points deductions and sanctions against Club officials.


NIHC considers that in the vast majority of cases it will not be possible to adequately confirm that consent has been obtained from every junior player and their parents/guardians.


As a result, our games will ceased to be filmed, live-streamed, or output in any way with immediate effect.


In respect of the Club’s away games, the standard position of NIHC is that its volunteers and officials will not be asked to use their time to obtain written player/parental consents that the opposition team may need for their own social media output.

Opposition Club officials should therefore obtain any necessary consents directly from NIHC junior players/parents/guardians when they arrive at the venue. In line with the EIHA Statement, this applies to live-streaming, video, photography and any other image of a junior player.


Automated filming is rapidly developing in High School sports throughout North America, Europe, Asia and other emerging continents.


However, use of technology to promote ice hockey, help player development and assist coaching will not be contemplated by NIHC for the foreseeable future. This is due to the approach adopted by the sport’s governing body.


It has been a difficult decision to write off the significant time and investment that went into the automated filming at Nottingham.

We also know that the decision will be unpopular with the many people and Clubs around the country who made use of it and who passed on positive comments about its introduction.


We look forward to the EIHA ensuring that their new consent requirements are implemented fairly and consistently across the regions, leagues, and within their own organisation.


The Committee

Nottingham Ice Hockey Club