Free Training for Players and Goalies

Hey Guys,

My name is Jackson Whistle I am one of the goalies for the Nottingham Panthers and Team Great Britain. I hope you are doing well and staying safe during Covid-19. The reason I am reaching out is myself and a few other EIHL players wanted to help out and do something for parents and players who are trapped at home right now because of Covid-19. I have been receiving a lot of requests personally about what parents could be doing with their kids or what kids could be doing off the ice right now to help pass the time and keep improving on their hockey skills. What we decided to do was come up with a catalogue of over 100 drills that require no equipment players and goalies can choose from to do at home. I am not sure if it’s something you think the parents and players would be interested in receiving but we are going to be giving it away for free to help out. If you think they would find some benefit in it and wanted to forward this email onto them that would be awesome. We are just asking all the parents that if they are interested in receiving the program to click this link and enter in there contact information or send me an email to that way I can send it to them. We are just finalizing our video tutorials of the exercises and should begin sending it out by next week. If you guys have any questions at all just let me know and I hope everyone is looking forward to getting back on the ice soon! All the best and thanks for your time. 
Jackson Whistle