NIHC Registrations – “MAKE THE COMEBACK!”

We hope all of our members and the whole hockey community are safe and well

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone within and outside the Club who has been relied upon to protect our welfare during the outbreak of coronavirus

Today, we launch our drive to support sport and “Make the Comeback” to ice hockeyso that when the time eventually arrives, we will all be ready and waiting!

At present we do not know when ice rinks will open or when leagues expect to begin. It is simply impossible to know timescales or levels of disruption.

Clearly and rightly, we will not be able to meet, practise or play until the government, rinks and sporting bodies deem it safe to do so. We are anticipating a delayed start beyond normal dates.

We need your support to keep the season viable and help us plan in very difficult circumstances.

We are pleased to announce our JUNIOR & U20 SECTIONS enrolment plan for the 2020/21 season:

  1. There will be no trials for the coming season
  2. Our fully electronic club enrolment will go live on Monday 15th June 2020 with discounted joining fees until Friday 31stJuly 2020. A link to enrolment will be posted on the Club website and other social media
  3. Existing members and new applicants are welcome. They should apply between those dates in order to be considered for initial team selections and to take advantage of special, discounted enrolment rates
  4. Coaches will draft preliminary squads from the applications with further review at season start
  5. It is possible that our activities may need adjustments to minimise Covid-19 risks. We urge you to enrol promptly to secure your place and help us plan our 2020-21 events appropriately
  6. We expect to again have high numbers in our U18s age category and are actively considering a 3rd team at this level, so please do not be put off if you are in this age group
  7. We know that times are difficult and uncertain. NIHC therefore pledges:
  • Slashed ‘early bird’ enrolment costs – less money tied up waiting for season start
  • No increase in training fees for a fourth successive season
  • Prompt refunds for any unsuccessful applicants
  • A pandemic interruption policy


CLUB FEES U9’s U11’s to U18’s U20’s
ENROLMENT (up to 31/7/20)

(includes player registration)




ENROLMENT (from 1/8/20)

(includes player registration)




TRAINING (for 10 months)

£600 p.a.

£600 p.a.

£600 p.a.

TRAINING UP (by invitation)


No extra fee


  • At NIHC, enrolment fees go toward registrations and development for players, coaches and managers. They are discounted for 2020-21, but only for enrolments up to 31st July 2020
  • Enrolment fees are payable online during the application process
  • Due to the ongoing pandemic, the start date of the Club’s activities remains unknown. It is subject to approval from the government, National Ice Centre and governing bodies. The Club is notionally basing its training season around the 10 month period from 1st September 2020 to 30thJune 2021 (“the designated season period”).
  • Training fees are due by standing order bank transfer beginning 1st September 2020 and ending on 1st June 2021. This is 10 monthly instalments of £60. The Club may, at a later time and at its own discretion, choose to defer the start of these payments and the designated season period
  • If rink facilities are available prior to 1st September 2020, additional Club sessions may be offered on an online ‘pay as you go’ basis. The same may be the case if the league season runs beyond our designated season period
  • If temporary closure of the National Ice Centre occurs during the designated season period, each full week of closure will result in a £15 training credit
  • Temporary closure credits will either be added to the training season length or be deductible from the final standing order payment(s). The Club will notify of the position on social media should the situation occur
  • Should EIHA leagues not go ahead for the 2020-21 season, the Club intends, at its own discretion, to either:
  1. offer a ‘train only’ basis if operationally feasible ; or
  2. refund enrolment costs, providing that the EIHA has not already collected player registration fees from the Club before the time of season cancellation


Last season (2019-20), the Club operated the following ‘junior’ teams:

  • U09s
  • U11s
  • U13-1 / U13-2
  • U15-1 / U15-2
  • U16 Girls (as part of the Nottingham Vipers’ umbrella)
  • U18-1 / U18-2
  • U20

Training times were:

19:15-20:30 (1.25hrs) – U09s/U11s

18:00-19:30 (1.5hrs) – U13-1
19:45-21:15 (1.5hrs) – U15-1
20:15-21:45 (1.5hrs) – U13-2 / U15-2
21:30-23:00 (1.5hrs) – U18-1

22:00-23:15 (1.25hrs) – U20

22:00-23:00 (1.00hrs) – Lions’ Academy (additional fee)
23:15-00:30 (1.25hrs) – U18-2

The Club envisages a similar structure and training times for 2020-21 and is actively considering a third team at the U18s age category.

All of the above remains subject to change, at the Club’s discretion, following a planned review of operational and economic circumstances when enrolment is complete, rinks are re-opened and EIHA league proposals are known.


We would like to thank all our members and prospective members for their patience and understanding during these exceptionally difficult circumstances.

The Club has set up a Covid-19 sub-committee that will be responsible for the Club’s strategy to manage the adverse effects of the pandemic.

The Club’s finances have been initially examined under estimates for best, worst and most likely cases envisaged for the 2020-21 season. We are pleased to report that the Club remains financially viable under each of these scenarios.

Nevertheless, the Club relies on the support and goodwill of our members to renew with us, make prompt payments during the season and be understanding of the uncertainties that the Club’s Committee is having to face this coming season.

Whilst we have tried to cover the many permutations that the 2020-21 season may yet take, it is not possible for us to cover every eventuality in this announcement.

Should you have any questions or require clarifications, please email 

Support Sport

“Make the Comeback!”